M2 - Microbial ecogenomics of deep sea trenches

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IUEM, rue Dumont d'Urville
29280 Plouzané

Loïs Maignien
Patrick Durand
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Deep-sea trenches, such as Mariana, Atacama or Kermadec trenches are among the most extreme habitats on earth with hydrostatic pressure exceeding 1000x the one from ocean surface. Yet, these habitats are colonized by abundant and diverse microbial communities remarkably adapted to these environments. Recently, we have collected sediment cores from Atacama and Kermadec trenches along a bathyal gradient ranging from abyssal plains at (-3000m) to deepest points of two trenches (-9000m) and have sequenced 215 metagenomes from varying water and sediment depth. We are proposing two master thesis in microbial ecogenomics to work on the analysis of this rich dataset supervised jointly by L. Maignien (Lab of Microbiology of Extreme Environments, UBO, Brest) and the SebiMER bioinformatics department (Ifremer, Brest).

The goal of these theses will be to reconstruct genomes from metagenomes (MAGs) and examine their distribution along a bathyal gradient in order to identify organisms that have developed specific adaptations to high hydrostatic pressure, as well as the genomic repertoire underpinning these adaptations. We are welcoming applications from motivated student interested in marine microbial ecogenomics, extreme environments and trained in bioinformatics. We are offering an excellent work environment with supervision from both microbial ecologists and bioinformaticians, a state-of-the-art computing infrastructure (Ifremer’s Datarmor cluster) in the beautiful marine sciences campus of Brest!

For more information, you may contact Loïs Maignien (lois.maignien@univ-brest.fr) and Patrick Durand (pgdurand@ifremer.fr). One of these positions will be located in LMEE-UBO, and the second one will be located at SeBiMER-Ifremer. To apply for these positions (starting date 05/01/2021), you can send us your CV, a letter of intent and your academic record from your master’s degree.

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