Quatre postes (CDI): bioinformaticiens intelligence artificielle et biostatisticiens chez Integrative Phenomics

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8 rue des pirogues de bercy
75012 Paris

Timothy Swartz
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Four Research Scientist positions (bioinformatics, AI/ML, biostatistics) in nutrition, medicine, and gut microbiome R&D

About us

Integrative Phenomics (https://www.integrative-phenomics.com) is a young and dynamic health and microbiome research start-up based in Paris (France). We’ve recently been nominated as a laureate of the “Concours d’innovation: I-NOV" organized by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) for our deep-tech R&D. We believe in a holistic and data-driven approach to improve people’s health, and we have a focus on solutions to optimize weight loss and health using on lifestyle, medical, and microbiota profiles. We have a team of scientists from diverse backgrounds (Medicine, Nutrition, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence) that are at the forefront of basic and clinical research on the gut microbiome, while maintaining close collaborative ties with international academic research labs.

What we’re looking for

We’re currently looking for four RESEARCH SCIENTISTS available across several areas of expertise. You will have an integral role within our R&D team to drive the company’s innovation through working on in-house data from our clinical and real-world studies and developing new analytical approaches and projects. As a research scientist at Integrative Phenomics, you will be focus on a few of the following aspects:
• Analyzing and providing critical interpretation on datasets to support research and company-wide initiatives
• Developing and benchmarking new and existing methods in your area of expertise
• Helping improve existing research infrastructure and computational scalability
• Communicating scientific results externally (publications, international conferences) and internally among team members (in French and in English)

You won’t be working alone. Collaborating with internal bioinformaticians, nutritionists, biologists, biostatisticians, and AI/ML scientists as well as external partners is vital to our success.

Overall, we’re looking for individuals that want to work and move forward in a strongly research-oriented and interdisciplinary environment to achieve the larger goal of improving individuals’ health.

Location and benefits

The four positions will be in our central Paris office. We offer competitive salaries, full private health insurance, and all that is needed for the position (computer, software, server access, travel costs, etc.).

Profile descriptions

R&D Bioinformaticians/Computational Biologists (2 positions)

You have at least a master's degree with 3+ years of experience or a PhD in Bioinformatic, Computational Biology, Microbiology, or a related field. A publication record in microbiome research would be a plus (gut or other biomes). In this role you’ll need at least a few of the following:
• Proficiency in Python, MATLAB, R, Julia, or a similar language
• Proven experience with (meta)genome annotation methods and molecular databases
• Proven experience in the modeling of microbes or microbial communities
• Knowledge of relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ...)
• Knowledge of linear programming and other optimization methods
• Experience using high-performance cloud-computing (e. g. Amazon Web Services)

R&D Artificial Intelligence/Machine-Learning Scientist (1 position)

You have a PhD degree in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field, with at least 2 years of post-PhD experience and a strong publication record in one of these areas. In addition to these qualifications you have the following:
• Demonstrated experience or capacity in building and/or maintaining a scientific group or collaborative projects in AI/ML
• Proficiency in coding and analytical languages with the capacity to improve analytical pipelines
• Familiarity with Deep Learning techniques, various network architectures, regularization, embeddings, loss-functions, optimization strategies, or reinforcement learning techniques, etc.
• Knowledge of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) frameworks
• Ability to learn and apply new skills, or algorithms to independent and collaborative projects centered around machine learning approaches

R&D Biostatistician (nutrition/epidemiology, data quality assurance) (1 position)

You have a master’s degree with a few years of post-graduate experience or a PhD in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology, Nutrition, or a related field. To succeed in this role, you should have:
• Experience in epidemiological methods with the knowledge and/or interest to apply to nutrition and associated datasets
• Proven management of large datasets from acquisition to analysis, particularly for nutritional and clinical data
• Ability to develop and apply suitable methodology, conduct statistical analyses, report methods, and communicate results of a project both written and orally
• Solid methodology to assess nutritional parameters (e.g. food intake) as well as statistical methods to analyze these data as well as associated data (environment, lifestyle, etc.)
• Ability to learn and apply new skills, methods, or programs/algorithms to projects

How-to Apply

Visit us at https://integrative-phenomics.com/join-us with the following prepared (in PDF form) and select the position of interest (direct e-mails to the contact listed on this posting may not be reviewed)
• a short CV (2 pages maximum – don’t worry about providing a long publication record)
• a short message or cover-letter (1 page maximum) with the name of the position of interest, why it interests you, and how you see yourself at Integrative Phenomics in the short- and long-term
• any other document (reference list, specific publications, etc.) that you think might help us with your application

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

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