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Centre de Recherche de La Dargoire
14 impasse P. Baizet
69009 Lyon

Djomangan Adama OUATTARA
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Description of the company

GENCOVERY is a software company based in Lyon (France) which develops a collaborative AI software to accelerate bioengineering and bioproduction processes of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The developments of the company are focused on two axes: a collection of algorithms for the construction and simulation of cell metabolic models, and a software suite designed to handle complex omics data and analytical pipelines. Generated in silico models, called digital organisms, can be used to simulate experiments and assess biological hypothesis, thereby significantly shortening time and cost of in vivo and in vitro experiments. The company is looking today for a talented Bioinformatics scientist in systems biology and modelling to develop and manage its bioinformatics and modelling pipelines.

Required qualifications

• You have a PhD in bioinformatics, systems biology or computational biology
• You have 2-5 years of experiences in academia or industry in bioinformatics, systems biology or computational biology.
• You have a strong expertise in the modelling of biological networks, in particular metabolic pathways (e.g. metabolic reconstruction, whole-genome metabolic modelling, flux balance analysis).
• You have a good experience in the analysis of at least one type of omics data (e.g. genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics data).
• You have an experience or are interested in the modelling of the metabolism of microbial communities.
• You have a good experience on standard bioinformatics tools and databases:
o Python, R, Jupyter lab,
o Biopython, Scikit-learn, Pandas,
o NCBI databases, EMBL-EBI databases, Kegg, BioCyc, etc.


• You will be in charge of developing the in-house bioinformatics pipelines that will feed our portfolio of analytics methods.
• You will be accountable of the execution and delivery of the bioinformatics analyses to our customers (data integration and curation, modelling and simulation, reporting).
• Your will be in charge of the supervision of bioinformaticians and students.

Working place

Gencovery technologies are designed for collaborative remote work. This is important for next-generation research and development in particular with the COVID-19 pandemic. Gencovery has therefore decided to encourage and develop remote work for its own employees. The recruited candidate must be autonomous and committed to quality reporting. She/He will have to travel to Paris (or Lyon if easier) at least once a month for global team meetings.

Closing application date: 31 Nov. 2020
Position type: Permanent position
Salary: Attractive with career evolution opportunities

To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to:

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