Bioinformatician / Biological data analyst

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30 bd Jean Monnet
44000 Nantes

Dr Sophie Limou
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The bioinformatician/biological data analyst’s primary responsibility will be to support the completion of human genomics and epigenomics projects in the nephrology and HIV fields. He.She will report to Dr Sophie Limou, associate professor in Centrale Nantes and affiliated to the Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology (CRTI,, in order to adapt and tailor the analyses for each project. He.She will rely on existing in-house pipelines to run primary analyses of omics data (GWAS, exome sequencing, DNA methylation arrays), and will ensure the maintenance and updating of algorithms and scripts. He.She will be responsible for developing secondary bioinformatic analyses (eg. pathway enrichment analysis, integration of public / semi-public ‘omics’ data) to further interpret the results. The results will be formalized according to scientific publication standards (creating figures and tables, drafting the methods section). Depending on the progress of the different projects and the proactiveness of the applicant, the position could evolve towards independent bioinformatic projects.

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