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Centre de biologie pathologie
CHU de Lille
59000 Lille

Suman Mitra, PhD - Institute for Cancer Research in Lille (SWIR) UMR 9020 CNRS, INSERM UMR-S 1277
Martin Figeac, PhD - Plate-forme de génomique fonctionnelle et structurale UMS 2014 / US 41, Centre de Biologie Patholgie, CHU de Lille
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Description: A 2 to 3 years bioinformatic position is available at the Central University Research Hospital (CHRU), Lille France in precision cellular immunotherapy. The project will be led by Suman Mitra and Prof. Franck Morschhauser and at the CHRU Lille, with close collaboration with Martin Figeac at the Genomic Core Laboratory, UMS2014/US41, CHU de Lille, University of Lille. The candidate will work under the guidance of Suman Mitra and Martin Figeac. The main projects focus on dissecting the immunobiology of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This is truly a translational research project with the goal to identify novel mechanisms-based biomarkers of therapeutic response and failure of CAR-T therapy in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The position will involve DNA and RNA sequencing analysis. The candidate is expected to conduct analysis, prioritize and multitask, and thrive in a highly collaborative environment. She or He will have the opportunity to build working relationships with leading clinicians and scientists to broaden scientific knowledge and skills. The main tasks of the candidate will be the analysis of bulk RNA-seq and Exome data. The candidate will also have the opportunity to work on single-cell data. The candidate will work in collaboration with a post-doc recruited on this project and based mainly in Leiden who will be in charge of the analysis part of the immune repertoire. The position is available from December 2020.





  • Master or PhD in computational biology Or biology with high work load in data analysis
  • Experience with RNA-seq And/Or Whole Exome Sequencing
  • Strong working knowledge of bioinformatics tools dedicated to the analysis of NGS data
  • Knowledge in genetics and molecular biology
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability of collaborative team work and autonomous work

Necessary but not essential

  • Experience with a workflow manager (Nextflow or others)
  • Experience in containerization (Singularity, Docker)
  • Fluent in French

Would be appreciable

  • Programming skills in R
  • comfortable under linux and Bash
  • Experience in cluster computing
  • Ability to communicate the results via oral and poster presentations, progress reports, and manuscripts


Contact: Please forward a cover letter describing your career plans, updated CV with research statement and the names/contact information for 3 professional references to:

to Suman Mitra, PhD

Institute for Cancer Research in Lille (SWIR)


1, place de Verdun

59045 Lille Cedex, France


And Martin Figeac, PhD

plate-forme de génomique fonctionnelle et structurale

UMS 2014 / US 41

Centre de Biologie Patholgie,

CHU de Lille

59000 Lille, France

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