Bioinformatics Engineer

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29 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques
75014 Paris

Simone Pignotti
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Bioinformatics Engineer


Check out the job description on our website and fill this form to apply!

Eligo is a six-year-old biotechnology startup, spun out of MIT and Rockefeller University, and based in Paris, France.

Eligo has raised more than 20 million euros from leading investors in Silicon Valley and France to develop next-generation drugs based on the genetic engineering of bacteria and their viruses to tackle unmet medical needs, such as antibiotic resistance and diseases associated with the microbiome.

Eligo has been elected as one of the 30 Most Innovative Companies by the World Economic Forum, has received international awards for pioneering work in the field of synthetic biology, and has been featured in international media and scientific journals such as Nature Biotechnology, The New York Times, the BBC, The Economist, and Science.

Eligo has attracted top talent from all over the world, currently numbering over 35 Eligonauts from more than 10 countries, all driven, passionate, and motivated to impact the world by applying cutting-edge research to save lives. If you thrive in fast-paced environments, are excited to solve real-world problems with cutting-edge science, and are looking for an opportunity to develop your skills, THIS is the perfect opportunity!


Eligo is building a platform technology based on phage engineering to produce eligobiotics that can target a wide range of bacterial species. With such a capability, Eligo is poised to lead the new generation of precision microbiome engineering companies.

As part of the Discovery & Automation team, you will be crunching genomic and experimental data to extract precious information for optimizing our phage vectors and genetic payloads, elucidating complex patterns and interactions through data science and visualization, and discovering exciting leads for future projects.

Collaborating closely with our phage scientists and synthetic biologists, you will be responsible for developing bioinformatics pipelines to streamline analysis essential to the development and engineering teams. You will be challenged with problems nobody else has tackled yet; by leveraging your curiosity and eagerness to learn, you will be digging into cutting-edge research publications and testing experimental open-source solutions to break down complex tasks.

Working in an ever-evolving, fast-paced environment, you will need to quickly build and adapt scripts and tools to match the current needs of the company, and run long analyses efficiently thanks to your excellent organizational, multitasking, and automation skills.

Your contributions will have a direct, tangible impact on every product being developed at Eligo as they progress from the benchtop to the clinic!


  • Development of bioinformatics pipelines from the ground up (design, implementation, testing, deployment, documentation, maintenance), related but not limited to:
    • Protein mining from (meta)genomic data
    • DNA sequence optimization
    • Generating and visualizing comparative genomics/pangenomics data for different organisms
    • Contribute to evaluating safety and assessing regulatory compliance of our drug candidates
    • Interpreting genetic and epigenetic data
    • Improvement of existing in-house pipelines and software
  • Data analysis and presentation of results to colleagues with diverse backgrounds
  • Contributions to non-strictly bioinformatics projects (data science and visualization, automation...)

    • Masters in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, or related fields
    • Industry experience or Ph.D. is a plus
    • Good English speaking & writing skills
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
    • Exquisitely organized, strong passion for thorough code documentation
    • Experience with high-throughput NGS data analysis
    • Experience with data science and visualization
    • Advanced knowledge of programming and scripting languages
    • Expertise in cloud computing is a plus
    • Basic knowledge in statistics
    • General tech-savviness and nerdiness :)
    • Autonomy, initiative, adaptation, and team spirit
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