Identify biomarkers of resistance and sensitivity to immunotherapy in human samples

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Sergey Nikolaev
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A 2 to 3 years postdoctoral position is available as soon as possible for a computational biologist at the intersection of INSERM UMR 1015 and INSERM UMR 981 (groups from Dr Sergey Nikolaev and Dr Aurélien Marabelle). The candidate will work on cancer transcriptomics in the field of immuno-oncology, and will develop bulk as well as single cell approaches, in order to identify biomarkers of resistance and sensitivity to immunotherapy in human samples. The MATCH-R prospective trial will be instrumental to achieve this goal, offering serial biopsies before and after immunotherapy to uncover genes and pathways that are up or down regulated during the course of treatment. Afterward the candidate should also be able to integrate transcriptomics into the context of genomic and epigenetic variation.

Since biopsies are not yielding sufficient material to set up single cell RNAseq approaches, we have started to collect fresh surgical pieces of human cancer from the head and neck, the bladder, the liver and the lung. With this amount of material, compatible with single cell sequencing, the candidate will develop and fine-tune pipelines for analyzing individual transcriptomics.

The programme will be developed at the translational level thanks to a direct collaboration with the Drug Development Department and the head and neck department of Gustave Roussy’s Hospital. Collaborations are also set up with Hopital Foch (for bladder), Hopital Paul Brousse (for liver) and Centre chirurgical Marie-Lannelongue (for lung) for this research programme.

Those tasks are part of the ambitious project « Human Cancer Immunome » funded by Fondation MSD-AVENIR, and aiming at describing the immunological landscape of the 4 above cited tumors, at the genomic, transcriptomic, cellular and histologic levels

Keywords: cancer, solid tumors, bulk, single cell, RNAseq, WES, immunotherapy

Applicant’s profile

- Strong scientific track record (international publications and communications)

- Robust experience with bulk RNAseq and WES, as well as single cell RNAseq;

- Biological knowledge in immuno-oncology

- Programming skills in python, R

- Knowledge in statistics

- Ability of collaborative team work and autonomous work

- High motivation and interest in systems and computational biology

- Fluency in English


- Curriculum vitae (including list of publications and communications)

- Motivation letter describing previous experiences and reasons underlying the application

- Contact information for referees or previous mentors


Applications should be sent to Dr Sergey Nikolaev (

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