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Contrat renouvelable
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up to 36 months
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25 rue du docteur roux
75015 Paris

Thomas Bourgeron
Benjamin Devauchelle
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Laboratory :
The Human genetics and Cognitive Functions is led by Prof. Thomas Bourgeron at the Institut Pasteur. This unit gathers geneticists, neurobiologists and clinicians to explore the genetic susceptibility to neurodevelopmental disorders and to conditions such as autism or intellectual disability. We are using large-scale genetic, brain imaging and clinical datasets to provide relevant information on the clinical trajectory of the patients. This knowledge should improve the diagnostic, the care and the integration of people with autism or neurodevelopmental disorders.…

Specific missions of the project manager:

1) Project writing and follow up
- Writing of projects together with the researchers and the clinicians
- Management and follow up of the project milestones

2) Biological samples follow-up
- Connection with clinicians
- Connection with biobank and the Centre National de Génotypage (CNRGH)

3) Laboratory project management
- Organization of the meetings
- Update of the websites

Required Skills:
- French and English speaking (European projects)
- Previous experience in project management
- Computer skills (file management; command line, scripting and databases)
- Autonomy, intellectual curiosity, responsiveness, interest for work at the interface of multidisciplinary teams

If possible:
- Knowledge in human genetics and/or neurobiology and/or autism

Full time position for 18 months (up to 36 months)

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