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Rue Michel Servet 1
74100 Genéve

Sabine Fièvre
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Department of Basic Neurosciences and Department of Genetics, University of Geneva: Open PhD student position for a bioinformatician:

The laboratory of Neurogenetic of Prof. Ivan Rodriguez and the laboratory of Prof. Denis Jabaudon in the Fundamental Neuroscience department in the University of Geneva are offering a joint PhD student position.
We are hiring a PhD student to study the development of piriform cortex during embryogenesis and early postnatal stages and the role of sensory information in acquisition of neuronal identity using single-cell RNA sequencing.

The successful candidate should have a master in bioinformatic or computational biology and an experience in transcriptomic analysis and wetlab biology (interest in hands-on experiments is a plus). The successful candidate will have the opportunity to broaden his/her skills in developmental neurobiology, biologic material and embryo manipulation.
The Department of Genetics and Evolution and the department of Basic Neurosciences of the University of Geneva offers a stimulating research environment offering access to many facilities such as genomic platform, FACS and bioimaging facilities in a high quality of life environment.

If interested, please contact:
Dr Sabine Fièvre, PhD
Department of Basic Neuroscience
University of Geneva,
Centre Médico-Universitaire
1, rue Michel-Servet,
CH 1211 Genève 4

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