Site du Groupe StatOmique

''Welcome to Statomique web site !''

The objective of this group, established in 2008, is to bring together statisticians and bioinformaticians who realize statistical analyses in the context of high-throughput sequencing. It is also to share our knowledge and practice.

Meetings (2-3 per year) occur in the form:

  • discussions with presentations from analysis of actual cases describing the biological question, the statistical approach, tools used, problems encountered ;
  • presentations to provide an update on statistical methods, software suites, new technologies.


  • Statistical approaches and bioinformatics data analyses of high-throughput sequencing
  • Statistical data analysis using R

Dillies, Marie-Agnès and Rau, Andrea and Aubert, Julie and Hennequet-Antier, Christelle and Jeanmougin, Marine and Servant, Nicolas and Keime, Céline and Marot, Guillemette and Castel, David and Estelle, Jordi and Guernec, Gregory and Jagla, Bernd and Jouneau, Luc and Laloë, Denis and Le Gall, Caroline and Schaeffer, Brigitte and Le Crom, Stéphane and Guedj, Mickaël and Jaffrézic, Florence. (2012), "A comprehensive evaluation of normalization methods for Illumina high-throughput RNA sequencing data analysis.", ''Briefings in Bioinformatics''. doi: 10.1093/bib/bbs046


The Working Group is open to statistician and bioinformatician wishing to share their experience and practice of '''statistical analysis of high-throughput data'''.

If you are interested, please contact  julie [dot] aubert [at] agroparistech [dot] fr (subject: StatOmique) (Julie Auber)t or christelle [dot] hennequet [at] inra [dot] fr (subject: StatOmique) (Christelle Hennequet-Antier) or marie-agnes [dot] dillies [at] pasteur [dot] fr (subject: StatOmique) (Marie-Agnès Dillies).