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Notation and ranking of subgraphs extracted from biological knowledge graphs

The post-doctoral project concerns the analysis of complex interaction networks. The main ressource at our disposal is a huge heterogeneous graph database (provided by EdgeLeap for the FIGHT-HF program) that represents various types of interactions between various groups of elements : proteins, diseases, drugs, etc. One objective of the FIGHT-HF project is to exploit this ressource to identify new biomarkers characteristics of certain heart-failure mechanisms.

Computational and statistical genomics

A Postdoctoral position is open in the Integrative genomics for neurodevelopment group at NeuroDiderot. We propose to carry out advanced systems genetics approaches to identify genetic drivers and new therapeutical options for epilepsy. This is to follow up on the paper in Genome Biology (Delahaye-Duriez et al. 2016, https://doi.org/10.1186/s13059-016-1097-7). The project is funded by ANR (https://anr.fr/Project-ANR-18-CE17-0009).
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