Evolution of photosynthetic functions and Genome dynamics

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Evolution of photosynthetic functions and Genome dynamics - Laboratoire Biologie du Chloroplaste et Perception de la Lumière chez les Microalgues - UMR7141 CNRS SU

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Third generation sequencing to investigate a novel type of RNA regulation.

Intron retention (IR) occurs when an intron is included in a mature mRNA. Previously regarded as a byproduct of faulty splicing, transcripts with retained introns are often rapidly degraded by a surveillance mechanism called nonsense-mediated decay (NMD). Our team discovered that numerous cell types make use of this mechanism by increasing the amount of transcripts with retained introns for degradation in blood cells (Cell, 2013) and in pluripotent stem cells (Nature, 2014). IR was also recently found to modulate tumour suppressor genes in many different cancers (Nature Genetics, 2015).