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M2 Internship: Bayesian inference of DNA methylation patterns

DNA methylation is a very important molecular process in human embryonic development and disease. It is implicated in the regulation of genes expression and can be both activating or inhibiting genes. In recent years, sensitive technologies have been developed that allow the mapping of DNA methylation patterns from a small number of cells, for instance in patients suffering from various diseases.

M2 Internship: Writing genomes with deep learning

The improvement of DNA sequencing techniques lead to an explosion in the number and completeness of fully sequenced genomes. One of the major goals in the field is to annotate these DNA sequences, which is to associate a biological function with sequence motifs located at different positions along the genome. In the human genome for instance, while some DNA sequences encode proteins, most sequences do not code for any protein. Many of these non-coding sequences are nevertheless conserved in other species and are necessary for the regulation of gene expression.

Développeurs Java Web pour la biodiversité

Le Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle recrute deux développeurs.

Leur mission sera de concevoir et réaliser des applications web destinées aux chercheurs et chargés de collections.

Les contrats proposés sont en CDD mais des candidatures en détachement peuvent aussi être examinées.

Si vous êtes interessé, une  fiche de poste détaillée est téléchargeable à l'URL indiquée ci dessus


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