Biostatistien(ne): Nutrition et Microbiote

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 Date de prise de poste : 3 mai 2021


microbiote microbiome nutrition epidemiologie epidemiology stats statistics statistique


About us

Integrative Phenomics ( is a young and dynamic health and microbiome research start-up based in Paris (France). We’ve recently been nominated as a laureate of the “Concours d’innovation: I-NOV" organized by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) for our deep-tech R&D. Our goal is innovation in nutrition and medicine by providing personalized solutions to improve weight loss and health. Through our experiences, we know this requires individuals that are self-driven and passionate about what they do and the impact they can have rather than how their experience or skills alone fit within a system. We are seeking innovative, independent and dynamic team members, preferably with experience gained in academic or industry, to join a transformative movement within Integrative Phenomics to shape the way we develop medicines and nutrition.

About the position

As part of the Integrative Phenomics R&D program and as the Data Scientist in Biostatistics, Nutrition, Data Quality Assurance, you will partake in the company’s research initiatives with a strong focus on analytical approaches while collaborating with internal and external research scientists.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Enhancing nutritional and associated reference databases by ensuring their quality
  • Serving as point of contact for biostatistical methods and data-management procedures related to nutritional databases
  • Developing and maintaining pre-analytical procedures for clinical, biological, environmental, and lifestyle data and contributing to statistical analysis plans
  • Writing programs in appropriate language to synthesize, develop, and manage datasets from multiple databases and data sources
  • Performing analyses (e.g. basic data analysis, statistical test, statistical modeling) with appropriate tools (e.g. Excel, SAS, R, Python).
  • Advancing the company’s research programs through guiding experimental designs and assuring proper statistical methods in the context of the study’s scientific objectives
  • Contribute to written reports by summarizing analytic deliverables, including methods, interpretations, and business implications.
  • Presenting project and research results to internal technical and non-technical stakeholders and to external research collaborators

The position will be in our central Paris office. We offer a competitive salary, full private health insurance, and all that is needed (computer, software, server access, reimbursement for transport, etc.).

Your profile

You have a master’s degree with a few years of post-graduate experience or a PhD degree in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Nutrition, Bioinformatics, or related fields.

If you’re are a dietitian or nutritionist and have completed your training with a master's degree in a related field as above, this is an added bonus.

Your skills:

  • Epidemiological methods with the knowledge and/or interest to apply to nutrition and associated datasets
  • Proven management of large datasets from acquisition to analysis, particularly for nutritional and clinical data
  • Ability to develop and apply suitable methodology, conduct statistical analyses, report methods, and communicate results of a project both written and orally
  • Solid methodology to assess nutritional parameters (e.g. food intake) as well as statistical methods to analyze these data as well as associated data (environment, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Ability to learn and apply new skills, methods, or programs/algorithms to projects
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively within research groups and ability to interact in a cross-functional teams Bonus skills
  • Strong interest in nutritional and microbiome databases and analyses
  • A good knowledge of challenges of metagenomic data analysis and methodology to assess nutritional data

Are you ready to join us on our mission in improving individuals’ health? Please let us know below!


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