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Nova specializes in numerical modeling and simulation of clinical trials for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic research centers and non-profit organizations.

We help our clients unleash the potential of combining math, computer science and biology to reduce the risks associated with R&D of new treatments for the benefit of patients.

Leveraging years of experience in in-silico modelling and the collaborative work of our team of biologists, doctors, clinicians, mathematicians and computer scientists we are currently building our Jinkō SaaS platform. Our vision is to make it the first integrated clinical trials simulation platform, combining powerful knowledge management, modeling and simulation tools dedicated to the medical research community.

Technology-wise this platform is based on a modern stack (Haskell, Python, NodeJS, VueJS) and it has been designed from the ground up with a modular approach where components are self-contained, stateless, and operate under strict adherence to the Separation of Concerns paradigm.

You are eager to work with a team of innovation enthusiasts in various fields of expertise: beside skilled biostatisticians in your field, you will also work along with biologists, data programmers and applied math engineers.


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Offre publiée le 13 avril 2021, affichage jusqu'au 11 juin 2021