PhD Fellowship in Immunology, Oncology and Bioinformatics Full-time

 CDD · Thèse  · 36 mois    Bac+5 / Master   Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers · Paris (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 septembre 2021


immunology oncology spatial transcriptomics clinical cohorts


PhD thesis co-directed by Pr. Wolf Hervé Fridman (lab of immuno-oncology, CRC) and Pr. Aurélien de Reyniès (lab of onco-bioinformatics, CRC).

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated PhD candidate, with a strong background in bioinformatics and applied mathematics, to:
• (i) develop original bioinformatics methods dedicated to the integrative multi-scale analysis of spatial transcriptomics, single cell and bulk multi-omics data,
• (ii) with the objective to decipher fundamental mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapies, in relation to intra-tumor spatial heterogeneity, spatial immune contexture, and their relationships.

Our two labs have co-developed the MCP-counter bioinformatics method, one the world-leading methods to quantify various immune and stromal cell populations (Becht et al. Genome Biology 2016, > 400 citations). We were the first to show that colon cancer molecular subtypes correspond to distinct immune contextures (Becht et al. Clin Cancer Res 2016; > 250 citations), and recently showed that the type of immune contexture can predict response to immunotherapy in sarcomas (Petitprez et al. Nature 2020; > 190 citations), Becht and Petitprez having been our joint PhD students.

Wolf Hervé Fridman is a world leader researcher in immuno-oncology, of which many former PhD students are internationally renowned (Pr. Laurence Zitvogel, Pr. Sebastian Amigorena, Pr. Jérôme Galon,…).

Aurélien de Reyniès is the scientific director of the Cartes d’Identités des Tumeurs (CIT) research program, dedicated to the multi-omics characterization of tumor heterogeneity (~ 100 participating teams, > 40 tumor types, ~ 18,000 molecular profiles, > 200 articles, > 20 patents, > 30 softwares/packages). He will join the CRC in sept. 2021.


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Date limite : 30 septembre 2021



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