- développement d'approches métabolomiques/lipidomiques

 CDI · IR   Bac+5 / Master   Institut Pasteur · Paris (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 septembre 2021




The Institut Pasteur is a private, non-profit foundation. Its mission is to help prevent and treat diseases, mainly those of infectious origin, through research, teaching, and public health initiatives. As part of the creation of a new technological core facility ( for developing non-targeted/targeted metabolomic/lipidomic approaches, the Institut Pasteur is looking for a bioinformatician / biostatistician (research engineer) for (i) the development of tools for compound annotation and (ii) the interpretation (e.g. using network theory) of metabolomics/lipidomics data.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Applying and developing methods and computational tools to annotate known and unknown compounds coming from experiments (HRMS, MS/MS and MSn) performed at the platform
  • Applying and developing methods and computational tools (from metabolic networks, …) to biologically interpret experimental results
  • Building databases characterizing the compounds and developing tools to query and populate them as experiments are performed and novel data are generated
  • Ensuring reproducibility and sustainability of the developed methods/tools
  • Guaranteeing the use of state-of-the art metabolomics methods/tools
  • Performing data treatment and analysis in close collaboration with the engineers of the platform and the research units of the Institute
  • Actively engaging in the platform’s strategy to meet the scientific needs Institut Pasteur
  • Delivering training courses in bioinformatics/biostatistics applied to metabolomics
  • Writing scientific articles and participating in conferences to enhance the developed methods and tools
  • Joining scientific networks dedicated to metabolomics

Candidate’s profile:

  • PhD or master/engineer degree in chemoinformatics, bioinformatics and/or mathematics/biostatistics with experience in the use or development of networks (e.g. metabolic or molecular)
  • Solid knowledge of statistical tools for the data exploration, modeling, inference and visualization. Knowledge in AI learning methods (neural networks for machine/deep learning) for spectra analysis and for compound annotation will be appreciated
  • Solid knowledge of R and/or Python programing languages, use of bash, and knowledge of other languages like C/C++
  • Strong interest in reproducibility and versioning
  • Good writing/speaking communication skills in English (B2/C1)
  • Rigor, pedagogy, scientific curiosity and interest in biology
  • Flexibility and ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment and on multiple scientific projects
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


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Date limite : 25 juin 2021


Sandrine Aros

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