Research assistant (100%, E13), algorithmic bioinformatics (Postdoc)

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bioinformatique algorithmes


Saarland University is a campus university with an international reputation for research excellence, particularly in computer science and in the life sciences and nanosciences. The university is also distinguished by its close ties to France and its strong European focus. Around 17,000 students, studying over one hundred different academic disciplines, are currently enrolled at Saarland University. Saarland University is officially recognized as one of Germany’s family-friendly higher-education institutions and with a combined workforce of more than 4000 it is one of the largest employers in the region.

The group of Algorithmic Bioinformatics (Prof. Sven Rahmann) at the Computer Science Department and Center for Bioinformatics is inviting applications for the following position commencing at the earliest opportunity.

Academic research assistant (m/f/x)

Reference number W1925, salary in accordance with the German TV-L salary scale1, pay grade: E13, employment: for up to 3 years, 100 % of standard working time.


We offer two academic research assistant (m/f/x) positions in the newly established Algorithmic Bioinformatics group at the Computer Science Department and Center for Bioinformatics. The group, led by Prof. Sven Rahmann, develops novel algorithms for pressing problems in Bioinformatics, including extremely fast and compact hashing algorithms, methods to quantify similarity between and diversity among biological sequences, or probabilistic methods to analyze genome-scale datasets, including machine learning techniques. We apply our methods in clinical or research settings and help our collaborations partners to analyze their datasets. Some well known tools develop in the group are the workflow management system Snakemake, the methylation analysis tool amplikyzer2, the adapter removal tool cutadapt, the DNA motif discovery tool MoSDi, and may others. Several former PhD students of the lab have in the meantime become professors.

Job requirements and responsibilities:

• Conducting research in algorithms for bioinformatics problems

• Writing publications and giving presentations both internally and externally at research meetings

• Teaching in the Bachelor and Master Bioinformatics program of the university

• Co-supervision of Bachelor and Master theses in the Bioinformatics program

• Taking care of a small part of the group’s (computational) infrastructure

• Preparing or contributing to grant proposals of the group

• Attaining the next qualification goal (your PhD or habilitation or qualification for independent group leadership) Your academic qualifications:

• Completed scientific university studies in bioinformatics, computer science or a related discipline (Master or PhD). (The opportunity to pursue the next qualification goal, PhD degree or habilitation or qualification towards own group leadership, is provided.)

The successful candidate will also be expected to:

• Build on solid algorithmic foundations (as demonstrated by your Master degree transcript of records)

• Have experience in Programming in several modern languages (Python, Rust, C++, R if needed, etc.)

• Have some experience in the analysis of sequencing data (DNA/RNA)

• Use the terminal and maintain desktop and server based Linux OS environments, including clusters

• Develop command-line based, GUI-based and browser-based applications • Show willingness to work independently on new and complex topics

• Have at least some teaching / tutoring experience (e.g., as a student tutor)

What we can offer you:

• A flexible work schedule allowing you to balance work and family

• A broad range of further education and professional development programmes

• An occupational health management model with numerous attractive options, such as our university sports programme

• Supplementary pension scheme (RZVK)

• Discounted tickets on local public transport services (‘Jobticket‘)

We look forward to receiving your PDF application. Please quote reference number W1925 when applying. Applications must be received by no later than 19 July 2021 and should be sent to the following address: Universität des Saarlandes Herr Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann ZBI, Algorithmic Bioinformatics


If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance. Your contact: Herr Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann (see email above)

In accordance with the objectives of its equal opportunities plan, Saarland University seeks to increase the proportion of women in this field. Qualified women candidates are therefore strongly encouraged to apply. Preferential consideration will be given to applications from disabled candidates of equal eligibility. The successful candidate has the option of choosing to work part-time in this position. We welcome applications regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation and identity. Pay grade classification is based on the particular details of the position held and the extent to which the applicant meets the requirements of the pay grade within the TV-L salary scale. Unfortunately, costs for attending an interview at Saarland University cannot be reimbursed in principle. When you submit a job application to Saarland University you will be transmitting personal data. Please refer to our privacy notice for information on how we collect and process personal data in accordance with Art. 13 of the Datenschutz-Grundverordnung. By submitting your application you confirm that you have taken note of the information in the Saarland University privacy notice


Procédure : 2 types de postes sont proposés: Postdoc et thèse. Cette annonce concerne les postdocs.

Date limite : None


Herr Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann

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