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 Date de prise de poste : 29 novembre 2022


bioinformatics microbiome 16S sequence analysis shotgun sequence analysis


Aviwell is a biotech company with a mission to feed the world more efficiently and sustainably, while respecting natural resources. We develop processes for the identification and production of natural bacterial communities to improve the growth of farm animals with targeted phenotypes and reduce their feed consumption and waste. Aviwell aims to market these unique products on a global market. In order to develop its research and innovation department, Aviwell is recruiting a bioinformatician who will develop databases of biological and molecular variables, in particular from microbiome analyses. S/he will identify bacteria from proprietary (16S rDNA) and public databases, identify microbial molecular pathways using prediction algorithms. S/he will correlate the findings with other OMICs data including metabolomics and transcriptomics. The Candidate will interact with the biostatisticians and identify networks of microbes interacting with the host genome.

Summary of Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide bioinformatics leadership and expertise into development plans for research and innovation projects notably in microbiome analysis, metagenomics, genomics and related biological fields.
  • Establish bioinformatics approaches to study protocols, develop data management plans, write bioinformatics analysis plans, review or create analysis dataset specifications, and perform bioinformatics analyses from proprietary and public databases.
  • Review and contribute to study reports and bioinformatics sections of regulatory dossiers and intellectual property submissions.
  • Generate and use innovative bioinformatics methodology approaches by identifying, adapting, developing or using optimal bioinformatics research methodologies and techniques appropriate to each project.
  • Encode and generate user-friendly graphical interfaces to facilitate work with biologists/physiologists.
  • Develop strong collaboration and communication with academic support networks and cross-functional teams notably the biostatistics department.

Qualifications and Experience:

    Required Education:

  • Ph.D. or engineering degree in bioinformatics, or highly related discipline

    Required Experience:

  • At least 3 years of demonstrated experience as a bioinformatician in the field of microbiology/microbiome analysis
  • Strong programming skills (Python, R/Shiny, C ++), and utilization of Gitlab use (or similar) collaboratively
  • Knowledge of database development, retrieval from public databases, and data transformation (experience in SQL-based languages)
  • Able to understand and interact with the biostatisticians in multivariate statistics and clustering
  • Fluent in English and French


  • Proficient at adapting and using bioinformatics pipelines
  • Development of new bioinformatics pipelines while using public and proprietary databases
  • Work is well-organized, of high-quality, meeting timelines. Able to balance concurrent tasks and responsibilities.
  • Works effectively in international teams and with multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Verbal and written communication is effective with multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Brings creative ideas and makes suggestions for optimization.
  • Good communication skills and highly motivated

    Good to have: 

  • Skills in other omics analyses, whole genomic sequencing analysis
  • Knowledge of Linux and ability to use calculation server


Procédure : 1) Applicants should also provide a cover letter outlining qualifications and interests. 2) Candidates will be required to provide the names and contact information for three professional references who can attest to applicant’s capabilities. 3) Submit items as a ZIP file with the subject “Aviwell Bioinformatician” to:

Date limite : 27 janvier 2022



Offre publiée le 29 novembre 2021, affichage jusqu'au 27 janvier 2022