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 CDI · IE   Bac+5 / Master   Signia Therapeutics · Lyon (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 décembre 2021


Omics RNA-Seq Analysis


Company presentation

Signia Therapeutics is an innovative French start-up proposing a breakthrough strategy to identify molecule candidates rapidly and efficiently for a specific therapeutic indication. Molecule can be already marketed, shelved drugs from the pharma industry or proprietary molecules. We are currently focusing our development on respiratory disease and more specifically infections.

The SIGNATURA platform strategy is based on a 2-step process: (i) In silico prediction of candidate from the comparison of transcriptomic signatures of clinical samples from infected patients or physiologically relevant ex vivo model of infections against a proprietary data bank of molecule-specific signature on the same model. (ii) Pre-clinical validation of the therapeutic effect using an ex vivo model of reconstituted epithelium at the air-liquid interface along with in vivo testing in small animals.

Within the company, the data science R&D team mission is (i) to implement state of the art tools in the field to predict best candidates and MoA (Mode of Action); (ii) to create innovative tools and IA to increase the predictive power of the plateform; (iii) to maintain the infrastructure allowing data storage and data analysis and (iv) to lead the predictive analysis and support the preclinical team for investigations.

Job Description

Signia Therapeutics is looking for a new bioinformatic analyst attached to the R&D data science team.

Your main missions will be the following:

  • Use our implemented workflows to perform bio-informatic analyses.
  • Support the implementation and development of bioinformatics methods for
  • (i) data integration and normalization methods
  • (ii) data mining for non-expression Omics (e.g., Interactomics).
  • (iii) multi-Omics data integration (alongside functional data).
  • (iv) the comparison of Omics signatures.

Your secondary missions will be the following:

  • QC control of bioinformatics analysis
  • Writing analysis report for specific bioinformatics analysis

Profile description:

Your education level is equivalent to a master’s degree ideally with at least 1 year of experience.

Required skills:

  • Programming language: Python or R
  • IT environment : Linux CLI
  • Knowledge: Omics, Systems Biology, Bioinformatics database

Bonus skills:

  • IT environment: Docker, Gitlab, Slurm
  • Pipeline framework: At least one and preferably CWL
  • Data visualization R or python plot library.


Procédure : Contact us by e-mail with the following object: “[BIOINFO21_ANA] LAST.NAME”

Date limite : 1 décembre 2021


Julien Fouret

Offre publiée le 13 octobre 2021, affichage jusqu'au 1 décembre 2021