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of the impact of lockdown and other interventions on age-specific contact patterns and behaviours in France over 2020-2021

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Many countries implemented general lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions of their population to contain the quickly expanding SARS-CoV-2 epidemic and avoid major saturation of healthcare capacity. Understanding how these extraordinary measures impacted population behavior and contact patterns is crucial for predicting the health, social and economic consequences of such control measures.

Indeed, mathematical models, which have been key tools to better understand virus epidemiology and support public health decision making, often rely on empirical data describing the rate at which individuals mix with each other according to their age. Over the pandemic period, several surveys have been performed in France to measure and quantify how the set of measures enforced by the government impacted the mixing patterns and behaviors of the population.

The goal of this internship is to analyse the available database (SocialCov) that represents 80,000 entries over six waves between March 2020 and September 2021.


The candidate will run statistical analysis of the data collected in France during the COVID-19 pandemic namely the SocialCov survey. He/she will also use additional data sources gathered through other studies conducted during the same time period and develop an age-structured mathematical model to study how the epidemic's dynamics are influenced by age group mixing.

The candidate will develop their skills in data science, dynamic modelling, computer programming and statistical data analysis. This represents a unique opportunity for a motivated student to apply their computational skills to real challenges in public health.

The candidate will build the models and conduct statistical analyses using R/C++.


Practical information

The internship will start in early 2020, for a period of 5 to 6 months. It will be carried out in interaction between the EMEA unit (Institut Pasteur / Inserm / UVSQ) and the MMI unit (Institut Pasteur).

To apply, send your CV and motivation letter to Lulla Opatowski ( and Paolo Bosetti (


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Lulla Opatowski et Paolo Bosetti

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