UI/UX engineer

 CDD · IE  · 36 mois    Bac+3 / Licence   Freiburg Galaxy team, University of Freiburg · Freiburg (Allemagne)


JavaScript, Galaxy, web technologies and frameworks, large-scale data analysis


Come and help define how large-scale data analysis is done from a web browser. We are a friendly, ambitious research group at the University of Freiburg working on some of the most popular software in genomics, including Galaxy (galaxyproject.org), deepTools, Bioconda, and BioContainers. These software platforms help hundreds of thousands of researchers solve their data analysis needs. As the size of data and the number of files grow, we are actively rethinking and designing new ways for researchers to organize, analyze, and visualize their data. In this position, you will help design and implement these solutions. You will work with modern web technologies and frameworks, such as Vue.js, rely on REST APIs, and find solutions on how to scale, visualize and enable data analysis for thousands of datasets. We organize our tasks in specialized teams spread all over the world, so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn from experts in the field and contribute your ideas.

Job responsibilities

  • Build responsive, scalable, and beautiful web components that solve pressing challenges in large-scale data analysis.

  • Help domain researchers and understand their needs to design and implement web-based capabilities that support their use cases.

  • Explore new technologies and figure out where to use them efficiently.

  • Come up with creative ideas for projects and work through them with the global community.

  • Keep learning and advancing your skills by reviewing community contributions and actively discussing with the team.

  • Follow best practices and write clean code hardened by automated tests.

  • Be part of a team that is as excited about your growth and happiness as much as you are about theirs. Be part of the community.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or a related field.

  • Knowledge of a modern JavaScript framework (e.g. Vue.js).

  • Familiarity with Git, GitHub, CI tools and an open and transparent community-driven review process.

  • Familiarity with Python and REST APIs.

  • Great communication skills in English and interest in working with an international community.

If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to contact@usegalaxy.eu


Procédure : Send your CV and cover letter to contact@usegalaxy.eu

Date limite : None


Offre publiée le 30 novembre 2021, affichage jusqu'au 28 janvier 2022