Application Architect, from data to User Experience

 CDI de projets · IR  · 48 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+5 / Master   Institut Pasteur, Systems Biology Group · Paris (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 février 2022


Software engineering modeling user experience


Application Architect, from data to UX


We are looking for an Application Architect to join Institut Pasteur. As an Application Architect, you will participate in developing future data analysis and decision support software in a world-class biomedical research institute in the heart of Paris. In this role, you will collaborate with software engineers, researchers and medical doctors within collaborative projects, to model, design and develop software.

In this long-term project position (CDI de projet), you will lead an ambitious 5-year project to create the next generation of clinical decision support software. The EU-funded DECIDER project aims to improve effective treatment options to overcome chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer. Your role will be to collaborate with other European research teams and clinicians to lead and coordinate the design and implementation of a highly modular software architecture with an interactive human-machine frontend. The objective is to seamlessly integrate all relevant information on patients, including leading-edge diagnostic and predictive models and their outputs, in a single place, so that clinicians can make the best decisions for their patients.

You will be responsible for…

  • Collaborating with engineers, biomedical researchers and medical doctors to model, design and develop software.
  • Designing and implementing a highly modular architecture to allow for external plugins contributions from other engineering teams.
  • Reducing complexity to create simple, delightful experiences for the users.
  • Prototyping and experimenting with software engineers and users to test assumptions and obtain feedback on potential system designs.
  • Evolving the design and guidelines, to create new features from ideas on paper to implementation.
  • Socializing and communicating interface designs across project stakeholders.

We expect you to be…

  • Deeply committed to collaborative work and strengthening ideas together.
  • Able to communicate ideas and results in publications and conferences.
  • Experienced designing and implementing modular, data-focused software.
  • Experienced in UX design.
  • Able to stay motivated while working towards a long-term goal.
  • Experienced in actual software production cycles: you know when to refactor and when to release.
  • Fluent in English.

It would be nice if you fit one or more of the following…

  • You are experienced with modern software production methodology (forges, version control, continuous development, etc.).
  • You are familiar with modern software development environments (e.g. Web development, data analytics).
  • You are interested in, or experienced working in a biomedical research context.
  • You know about decision support systems.
  • You are familiar with Open-Source communities and business models.
  • You speak French.
  • You are committed to kindness and participating in an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Position Benefits

  • Long-term position (CDI de projetI)
  • Medical coverage,
  • Holidays,
  • Work schedule flexibility,
  • Great colleagues,
  • Career perspectives,
  • Numerous other benefits.

Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur ( is a non-profit private foundation focusing on: Research, Education and Training, and Public Health activities. It is recognized worldwide as a leader in infectious diseases research, is ranked as a top-level institution for publication impact in the field of microbiology and has recently included cancer as a priority in its strategic plan.

The Systems Biology group ( develops statistical and computational tools to analyze large-scale, high-throughput data. Driving biological projects come from the area of cancer, infectious, and autoimmune disease.

The DECIDER project ( aims to develop new diagnostic tools and effective drug combinations for high-grade serous ovarian cancer patients. Partners in this international and multidisciplinary project come from 14 organizations in seven EU countries.


Procédure : Deadline: 31/12/2021, will be extended if no suitable candidate is identified. Please send your CV and a motivation letter to Selection process: · Preselection based on CV, motivation letter · Interviews with shortlisted candidates · Offer will be sent to the successful candidate after the interview For more information, please feel free to contact Benno Schwikowski (

Date limite : None


Benno Schwikowski

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