Senior Computational Biologist, Protein structure modeling

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 Date de prise de poste : 2 mai 2022


Structural Biology - Protein modelization - Ligand docking - Viral Vectors



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Senior Computational Biologist[DDB1] , Protein structure modeling

Future4Care – PARIS, FRANCE

CDI – permanent position / full time


We are looking for a highly skilled and ambitious scientist to join our Bio-Informatics team. We have an immediate opening for a permanent position within our Computational Biology team. We are looking for a bioinformatician with solid experience in either protein modeling and docking. The position is for a senior individual with proven scientific track record and experience in team management.


The core mission

Within the Computational Biology team, you will be in charge of predicting protein structure and complexes of various datasets for our customers as well as for internal developments. You will be in charge of implementing new workflows and procedures for bioinformatic analysis and project reporting. Biological areas of interest includes but are not limited to, human biology, genomic and transcriptomic analysis, protein-ligand interaction, viral vector design, gene and cell therapy.

You will also contribute to the development of new features and applications of WhiteLab Genomics’ gene and cell therapy platform, aiming at providing R&D researchers from pharma and biotechnology companies with specialized and optimized AI solutions for gene and cell therapy discovery and design.


Key tasks

  • You will be working with our computational biology lead and will frequently interact with other team members from very diverse backgrounds (Molecular Biology, IT, Data science, etc.).
  • You will help in designing new modules and functionality for WhiteLab Genomics’ software platform dedicated to biologists.


Your profile:


Structural Biology:

  • Protein modelization
  • Ligand docking
  • Screening



Technical :

  • Proficiency in Python, R, bash, and associated scientific/biology libraries (BioconductoR, biopython, snakemake/nextflow, etc. )
  • HPC / cloud experience (SLURM/Torque/AWS/azure, etc.)
  • Ggplot2, plotly, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, etc.
  • Good practices for FAIR bioinformatics research and reproducibility.

Additional skills:

  • Knowledge of graph based technologies (Neo4J, or any other) is a plus.
  • Experience with Machine Learning / Deep Learning.
  • Knowledge of Rshiny, Flask, Javascript.


All applications are welcome starting from :

Minimum of a PhD in bioinformatics and structural biology or in a similar field is desired. The ideal candidate is a senior bioinformatician with several years of experience in academia or industry and a proven track record (publications/patents/software). 


About WhiteLab Genomics


WhiteLab Genomics is specialised in data science and machine learning solutions for genomic medicine. The company’s proprietary platform allows for multi-parameter analysis of complex biological data to discover new DNA and RNA therapies and optimize their developments. WhiteLab Genomics was founded in 2019 by experienced professionals in the field of biotechnology and data science. Today, the start-up has locations at Future 4 Care in Paris and at the Evry Génopole – France’s first biocluster, and is positioned in a thriving environment at the forefront of deeptechnology and biotechnology.



Contact :






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Date limite : 30 juin 2022


Julien Cottineau

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