Professeur.e biologie synthétique (Evry)

 Concours · PU   Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   UMR8030 Génomique Métabolique (CEA/CNRS/UnivEvry) · Evry (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 décembre 2022


metabolic design, genomic, structural analysis, in silico modelling of metabolic networks, synthetic biology


Job profile

The UMR "Metabolic Genomics" (Evry), is looking to recruit a highly motivated professor to create and lead a new research team in order to strengthen its synthetic biology activities. Expertise in areas such as protein and metabolic engineering, metabolic design, genomic, structural analysis, in silico modelling of metabolic networks, will be considered with particular interest. Topics that are part of the Circular Carbon Economy could also be an asset. In addition to the recurrent funding provided by the unit, this position is associated with an ATIGE funding ( from Genopole d’Evry (250 K€ HT over 3 years with the possibility of hiring lab assistants (fixed duration contracts), PhD students or postdocs). The recruited professor will have to speak French to ensure his 190 hours of teaching at the University of Evry (see below for Educational objectives).

Laboratory description :
The "Metabolic Genomics" (GM) unit is located in Evry (30 km south-east of Paris). With a total permanent staff of about 100 people (affiliated to CEA, CNRS and the University of Evry), the unit develops its research activities through three research poles : (1) Exploration of the diversity of living organisms through the analysis of genomes and meta-genomes, with a flagship project consisting of exploring marine eukaryotes, including those of the Tara-Oceans expedition; (2) In-depth understanding of prokaryotic metabolism through combined bioinformatics and experimental approaches, in particular for the discovery of new chemical reactions catalysed by living organisms and their exploitation as an alternative to synthetic chemistry; (3) Diversification of the chemistry of living organisms through metabolic engineering / synthetic biology approaches with a special focus in the Circular Carbon Economy.

Teaching courses concerned at Evry university:
Master's degree in Biology and Health, Computational biology, integrative biology and physiology, Université d’Evry-Paris-Saclay. Master's degree (M2) System and Synthetic Biology, Université d’Evry-Paris-Saclay. Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences. Double Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences and Computer Science.

Pedagogical objectives and staffing requirements:
The PR recruited will be involved in the master's degree in biology and health, bioinformatics and integrative biology and physiology, and more specifically in the master's degree in System and Synthetic Biology (mSSB) for which the University of Evry is the reference. He or she will also be involved in the Life Sciences degree courses and in the Life Sciences - Computer Science double degree courses, in molecular bioinformatics and/or functional genomics and/or biochemistry and/or molecular biology, depending on his or her profile on the National Council of Universities.
Skills in taking charge of bioinformatics modules in the Bachelor cycle will be a plus.



Procédure : Les dossiers de candidature sont à déposer sur le site Galaxie référence #4272. La clôture des dépôts sont le 1.6.22, sélection des dossiers juillet 2022 et audition entre septembre et octobre. Ne pas hésiter à nous contacter avant pour discuter de l'environnement scientifique et technique du laboratoire pour affiner votre projet de recherche.

Date limite : 1 juin 2022


Véronique de Berardinis

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