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 Date de prise de poste : 1 septembre 2022


Single cell transcriptomics


We are looking for a talented scientist, who wants to join a dynamic team and an ambitious project, to unravel new disease mechanisms and identify a new wave of biomarkers and therapies in the field of oncology and beyond. Generating and analyzing massive and complex sets of single cell omics data, One Biosciences’ team is seeking for a new member who will translate complex single cell data sets into biological insights and new solutions for the patients.

The compensation package will be competitive. It will depend on experience and seniority and will include fixed salary, bonus, and equity

Location: the company is located in Paris

The Company: One Biosciences is a start-up leveraging the power of single-cell technologies to discover precision therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases. Generating high quality single-cell omics data sets and translating them into actionable clinical care decisions and disease relevant therapeutic targets, One Biosciences will become a European leader in precision medicine.

The team gathers computational biologists, data engineers, developers, disease area experts and molecular biologists. Altogether, we focus on understanding the causes of selected diseases by grasping the heterogeneity of complex biological systems, enabling cellular and molecular mapping of such diseases, to discover transcriptomic biomarkers and new actionable therapeutic targets.

The Company was co-founded by Dr. Céline Vallot, Head of the Dynamics of Epigenetic Plasticity Team at Institut Curie. Dr. Vallot is an expert in multi-omics data analysis and epigenetic regulation. Her lab investigates epigenetic mechanisms in breast cancer combining cancer biology with single-cell technologies and data science. Dr. Vallot has co-founded the single-cell facility of Institut Curie, is the author of multiple scientific publications using single- cell technologies combined with data science algorithms to elucidate biological mechanisms in development and cancer and has been awarded multiple times for her work.

In the coming months, One Biosciences is going to process an increasing number of clinical samples across various pathologies and leverage proprietary computational pipelines and solutions for agile and efficient data mining. We are seeking an innovative, collaborative computational scientist to conduct single-cell omics analysis and interpretation.

At One Biosciences, as a computational biologist, your missions will be to:

• Deliver an in-depth analysis of sn/scRNA-seq datasets of large cohorts of patients

(n>50) for a detailed understanding of the dynamics of the studied disease

• Contribute to the identification of biomarkers and candidate therapeutic targets

Your key responsibilities will encompass:

  • Drive the design and execution plan for the analysis of one entire discovery program from raw data to in-depth interpretation (pathway analysis, gene networks and cell/cell communication)

  • Develop ad hoc algorithms for specific analytical tasks depending on the discovery program

  • Conduct data analysis and interpretation hand to hand with target discovery scientists, to translate complex single cell data sets into actionable biological insights

  • Actively contribute to the continuous improvement of One Biosciences discovery engine, through the coding and testing of pipelines, and improvement of algorithms, working closely with the Data team

    You will work in collaboration with our entire Data team.


    Required experience and skills:

  • Transcriptomics (bulk and single-cell) data analysis – track record / publications

  • Proficient in both R, Python

  • Experience in using omics databases and transcriptomics packages


  • Knowledge of graph-based algorithms

  • Knowledge of cloud services and usage (AWS or other)

    Other desired skills:

  • Strong written and verbal skills; ability to translate and communicate complex information and concepts for scientists of a diverse set of backgrounds

  • Independent, self-motivated with an innovation attitude.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work productively in a highly dynamic


  • Good planning, prioritization, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

    Interview process will include a use case (1h30-2h total) as well as one-on-one interviews with several team members


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Date limite : 16 août 2022


Magali RICHARD (CEO of One Biosciences)

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