Computational scientist position - Algorithms for structural variation discovery from long reads

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long reads, structural variants, pangenomes, algorithms


The Long Reads group, within the Data Sciences Platform at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, is looking for two method developers to join its efforts in discovering structural variants from tens of thousands of long-read samples from human individuals, and in genotyping structural variants on millions of short-read samples. 

The ideal candidate for the first position has experience in designing algorithms and data structures on sequences, in implementing them at scale, and preferably an appreciation of the complexities of real data and a significant background in computational biology. Previous experience in algorithms/data structures for pangenomes, or in genome assembly, would be very useful.

The second position requires expertise in machine learning and statistics, including deep learning, and concrete previous experience in designing and deploying learning algorithms at scale (not necessarily in genomics).

Our data comes from the All of Us Research Program ( and from several other partnerships with sequencing centers and research groups. Our team tackles methods development needs arising from long-read data across the Broad, and is connected to groups in the Broad community and to clinical and academic researchers worldwide. For more details, see e.g.:

If interested, please send your CV, a list or publications, and a cover letter that explains how your profile fits the position, to Fabio Cunial (, or use the application form at the link above. Feel free to contact Fabio for any other questions you might have.


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Fabio Cunial

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