Postdoc en bioinformatique à Bruxelles

 CDD · Postdoc  · 24 mois    Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   Université libre de Bruxelles · Bruxelles (Belgique)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 octobre 2022


bioinformatique biologie computationnelle génomique apprentissage automatique mutabilité pathogénicité


The Computational Biology and Bioinformatics group of the Brussels University (ULB) ( is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position.

Research context:

Unraveling the biophysical mechanisms that drive single nucleobase substitutions in different regions of the human genome is one of the key questions of the post-genomic era. These mutations, whether inherited or somatic, are potentially responsible for a huge range of rare and complex diseases. The rationalization of these mechanisms is highly intricate and often requires a diverse set of approaches, since base substitutions depend on the nucleotide sequence context and can be triggered by a wide range of physical, chemical or biological factors.


The AtOme project aims to bridge the gap between the atomic-level characterization of mutagenesis processes and the resulting phenotypic traits, by using innovative multiscale computational approaches combining genomic and proteomic data with machine learning techniques. The end-goal of the project is the deployment of a novel predictor of genome mutability and of the impact of mutations on regulatory mechanisms, protein fitness and pathogenicity. The project will be carried out within a highly multi-disciplinary and enthusiastic bioinformatics team, in collaboration with molecular biologists and clinicians who are experts in complex diseases (cancer, autism).


We are offering you a full-time postdoctoral position for 2 years, to come and work on the AtOme project in a laboratory with strong expertise in the field of bioinformatics and an attentive care to our work culture. The starting date is flexible (between now and January 2023) and there is a possibility of extension through an FNRS postdoctoral research grant or a Marie Curie EC grant.


  • PhD degree in Sciences (Bioinformatics, Bioengineer, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics).
  • Excellent programming skills.
  • Excellent publication record.
  • Maximum 6 years research experience after PhD.
  • International mobility (maximum 24 months of residence in Belgium in the last 3 years).


Experience in machine learning and/or bioinformatics.



Procédure : Please submit: (1) a cover letter detailing your background and interest in the position, (2) a full CV and (3) two references (with email address and phone number), to M. Rooman (

Date limite : 1 octobre 2022


Marianne Rooman

Offre publiée le 8 août 2022, affichage jusqu'au 1 octobre 2022