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 Date de prise de poste : 1 novembre 2022


gonades sex determination development scRNAseq scATACseq PACBio sequencing.


Master internship in single-cell transcriptomics and gonadal sex determination

A Master II internship is available in the laboratory of Prof. Serge Nef at the University of Geneva Medical School to study, at the single cell level, the process of gonadal sex determination in mammals.

Project description

Sexual reproduction is an evolved strategy to generate biological diversity and novelty at each generation. At the core of this strategy is the generation of distinct sexes, with distinct reproductive organs, producing distinct gametes. We investigate how somatic and germ cell lineages of the bipotential gonad differentiate to form either a testis or an ovary.

As a Master student you will be involved in a unique research program investigating how progenitor cell differentiate during testis and ovarian development and characterizing the genetic and epigenetic programs at play in these cells. Your specific role will be to analyse single cell RNAseq and ATACseq data to reconstruct the genetic program behind lineage specification and sex specific differentiation.

Qualified candidates should be self-driven, independent and highly motivated individuals. This position will require:

•     Strong knowledge in omic’s and NGS data analysis

•     Confirmed skills in UNIX environment, programming (R, Python) and statistical analysis.

•     An excellent written and oral communication level in English.

Knowledge in developmental biology and taste for experimental biology would be a plus and a previous experience in NGS data analysis would also be highly appreciated.

Employment conditions

Master student: start date is negotiable. According to the guidelines of the University of Geneva, a master's stage is not remunerated.


Procédure : Applications should be sent electronically and include a CV, a statement of interest, and the names and email addresses of two potential referees.

Date limite : 15 décembre 2023


Serge Nef

Offre publiée le 16 septembre 2022, affichage jusqu'au 15 décembre 2023