Post-Doctorant en Dynamique Moléculaire

 CDD · Postdoc  · 12 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   CEA Centre de Saclay DRF · Gif sur Yvette Cedex (France)  grille salariale

 Date de prise de poste : 2 janvier 2023


plastique, nanoparticule, dynamique moléculaire, QM/MM


The interaction between biomolecules and manufactured materials is at the heart of many societal questions :

Emergent pollutions (nanoparticles, microplastics); polymer biodegradation or recycling

Biomedical devices, biocompatibility and implant lifetime

Safe food processing and biofilm formation

Biological fuel cells.

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher capable to develop the simulation tools necessary to study the interactions between biomolecules (mainly proteins) and polymers. Our aim is to identify the main factor that governs the interactions in vivo (protein composition, surface accessibility and flexibility…) and how surface the material surface properties influence them. The work will require the combination of quantum chemical and molecular dynamics simulations and will be conducted in close collaboration with expert in DFT simulation of materials (Direction des Energies du CEA) and molecular dynamics simulation of large biological systems (I2BC, Université Paris Saclay). The candidate will be a key player in the project as he/She will ensure the tight interaction between the different teams.


Responsabilities: Lead a scientific project focused on interactions between proteins and plastics, participate actively to hypothesis generation, data analysis and interpretation and writing papers

Requirements: Ph.D in Computational methods, Molecular Modelling, Molecular Dynamics with experience with QM/MM, experience working in a Unix environment. Good english skills.

Effective organizational skills and good oral and written communication skills

Terms and compensation: This 1 year position (renewable) is open to a range of candidates from recent college graduates to more experiences scientists (e.g. post-docs)

Location: We are based on the Paris-Saclay research campus in the south of Paris

Applicants should send CV, summary of previous research and contact adresses o two references to: and


Procédure : Candidater par email - CV et lettre de motivation

Date limite : 30 novembre 2022


Yves Boulard et Jean-Philippe Renault

Offre publiée le 22 septembre 2022, affichage jusqu'au 30 novembre 2022