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 Date de prise de poste : 23 septembre 2022


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Lixoft, a division of Simulations Plus

Simulations Plus is a leading provider of modeling and simulation software and consulting services supporting drug discovery, development research, and regulatory submissions.
Lixoft joined the Simulations Plus group in April 2020. The Lixoft division focuses on the development of user-friendly software for population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics modeling and simulation, as well as non-compartmental analysis. Our products have turned into standards for the pharmaceutical industry. Our state-of-the-art technologies are based on a seven years research program on biostatistics and modeling led by the Inria institute, still a close partner of Lixoft. This collaboration guarantees a rapid technology transfer from academic research to industry-grade software. We are heading an ambitious scientific and strategic roadmap, with constant innovations in our products.
The Lixoft division is a human-size company that cares for the well-being of their employees, encourages them to keep a healthy work-life balance, and gives them the possibility to work partly remotely.

Job description

This position is a great opportunity to combine scientific and customer-oriented activities. You will work at the interface between Lixoft and Lixoft’s product end-users in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
As part of a dynamic team of application scientists, your responsibilities will include advertising our solutions to potential clients, training users in the pharma companies, and communicating our vision and constant innovation to the community. In addition, you will work hand in hand with our team of developers to define the features for our future products, always keeping in mind the needs of our users and the state-of-the-art research in the field.
Research will also be part of your job, with the development of new methods and applications of our tools to new problems, in collaboration with academia and industry. You will communicate your results to the whole community via scientific publications, online case studies, and webinars. This research activity may also be conducted in the context of consulting projects.
The position is located in the Paris area (Antony, France) but partial remote work is possible.


➢ PhD or at least 3 years of experience in computational biology, pharmacometrics, or biostatistics.
➢ Excellent communication skills (true English proficiency).
➢ Willingness to learn French.


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Date limite : 31 décembre 2022


Alexandra BELFIORE

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