Computational Biologist - Spatial transcriptomics

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scRNAseq spatial transcriptomics immunology


We are seeking a computational biologist to analyze the spatial distribution of gene expression across
histological sections, with a main focus on the immune microenvironment in different malignancies and
infectious diseases.
The analysis includes inference of cellular composition and phenotypes, pathway
enrichment and differentially expressed genes, all integrated with tissue mapping.

About you:
Applicants should hold a Ph.D. or a Master degree in computational biology or related field.
     -> minimal expertise required: analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data (QC, manual curation,
annotation, downstream analysis...), or very high expertise in bulk RNAseq analysis.
     -> a plus would be: previous experience with spatial transcriptomic data, integration of single-
cell RNAseq and spatial transcriptomic datasets, as well as deconvolution methods.
     -> In addition: we hope for someone motivated and eager to learn, who can work independently
but welcome collaborations, and with a nice and positive attitude.

Appointment includes:
     - Full-time contract of 2 years.
     - 6 weeks annual paid holidays.
     - hybrid-remote work (up to 8 days per month).
     - health care benefits as part of the French state health insurance, which covers between 75-100%
of all healthcare costs.
     - Salary will correspond to the standards in France and will depend on candidate experience.

Who we are:
The lab of Pr Vassili Soumelis is located in Paris, within Saint-Louis Hospital campus, and is affiliated to the
Université Paris Cité and INSERM. We are a dynamic team composed of international scientists from all
over the world. We use multi-omics approaches to infer cellular communication between immune cells.

Here, you will be able:
     - to expand and develop your career in an exciting professional environment,
     - to develop your professional network through collaborations with our academic and industrial partners,
     - to contribute to exciting scientific projects aiming to develop more effective immunotherapies and
vaccine candidates.


Procédure : Please send - your resume, - recommendation letters or contact information for at least two referees - a motivation letter to ***Please make sure that all the documents and required information are included in your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered***

Date limite : None


Jasna Medvedovic

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