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 Date de prise de poste : 1 juillet 2023


bulk RNAseq single-cell data integration inflammation



The European H2020 ImmunAID project is a large international consortium grouping
25 partners across 12 countries, including clinical centers, academic research teams,
sequencing platforms, and bioinformatic specialists. The project is seeking to deliver a
method for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of systemic autoinflammatory diseases
(SAID) across all the spectrum in order to improve patients’ clinical management.
Thanks to parallel analyses run on samples from more than 460 patients with
monogenic or undiagnosed SAID collected throughout Europe, ImmunAID has generated a unique
and comprehensive set of data, based on unbiased multi-omics approaches 
(genome, transcriptome, proteome and microbiome), and hypothesis-
driven assays exploring the inflammasome, inflammation resolution, and immune networks.
A centralized data management strategy will enable to conduct integrated analyses for
diagnostic biomarker identification. In a discovery phase, semi-supervised clustering
based on omics data will be combined with biological knowledge-driven analyses to
provide robust clinically meaningful classifications and relevant biomarkers. The
candidate biomarkers will be further validated on independent samples and cohorts,
and integrated into clinical decision-making algorithms. Overall, ImmunAID will
disentangle the spectrum of SAID and propose new molecular- and pathogenesis-
based SAID classifications for biological insight and clinical impact through everyday
use implementation.

Job description

The team of Prof. Vassili Soumelis at IRSL is looking for a bioinformatician who will work under
the responsibility of the coordinator and the scientific project manager. The selected
candidate will receive and analyze transcriptomic data (bulk and single cell
RNA-seq) generated by the sequencing platform in Paris (ICM Institute).
The bioinformatician will also design and implement the necessary strategies to
perform “multiomics data integration” (transcriptomic data with other OMICs data -
proteomics, genomics, and FACS) and biological data obtained by the teams participating in the project.
The bioinformatician will participate in different working groups around specific scientific questions
and will therefore play a central role in the ImmunAID project.


► PhD or MD in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics or Systems biology
► Strong experience in complex data integration
► Good knowledge in the approaches for analysis of transcriptomic data (bulk and single-cell RNA-seq)
► Be organized and reactive in a fast-paced, high-achieving environment
► Ability to think and work independently, set goals and meet deadlines
► Ability to manage multiple projects and collaborations simultaneously
► Team spirit, excellent verbal communication and strong interpersonal skills
► English is mandatory for this position, French would be a plus
► Writing skills (reports, partner communication, manuscripts)

You can learn more about the ImmunAID project:


Procédure : Please send CV, a motivation letter, and the contact information of at least two referees to: and

Date limite : 30 septembre 2023


Amna Manfroi

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