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Mnemo Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on developing powerful cell therapies that create accessible cures for solid tumors and blood cancers. Its EnfiniT platform, a groundbreaking drug discovery engine, leverages a new class of antigens with greater tumor specificity and a suite of technologies to significantly improve T cell memory, persistence, and sensitivity. The result is dramatic improvement in the body’s immune response to overcome disease. Mnemo is built by a transatlantic team of scientists and biotech leaders united in their mission to create the most powerful immune therapies to deliver accessible cures for all patients in need.

We are seeking a bright and proactive team member with strong bioinformatics background to be part of Mnemo’s neoantigen discovery platform in Paris. The candidate will work in a dynamic and fast-growing environment where he/she will be responsible for high-impact research projects at the interface of computational biology, bioinformatics and drug discovery & development.

We seek candidates who are excited to tackle the ambitious challenges of diving into large heterogenous datasets for biological insights underpinning tumor immunity and antigen recognition.

As a bioinformatician, you will contribute to the in silico identification of original therapeutic targets in cancer that will be further validated in vitro. Within the E-antigen discovery team, you will be part of the bioinformatics group and will work hand in hand with other team members from very diverse backgrounds (immunology, mass spectrometry, molecular biology, data science,...). More specifically, you will contribute to the enhancement and ongoing maintenance of our data pipelines and applications, writing new pipelines to identify new E-antigens  and ensuring smooth implementation process.


  • Develop and maintain bioinformatics pipelines for large scale transcriptomic data analysis
  • Analyze and interpret large scale omics data form conclusions and write technical reports
  • Work on a Cloud based (AWS) computational and data storage infrastructure
  • Ensure data ingestion and storage
  • Participate in interdisciplinary projects, working closely with wet lab scientists of different backgrounds
  • Ensure reproducibility and robustness of results
  • Stay current on scientific literature and implement this knowledge to new experiments and methodologies;
  • Report findings internally in English


or M.Sc. degree with 3+ years of experience in bioinformatics, computational biology or related field, with application to transcriptomic data, preferentially in a biopharmaceutical setting.


  • Strong bioinformatic background
  • Proficiency in RNA-seq data analysis (from gene expression to alternative splicing analysis)
  • Very good knowledge of bioinformatics tools and resources, including sequence alignment, sequence comparison, and splicing event identification
  • Autonomy to build end-to-end pipeline of analysis with common workflow management tools (Nextflow, Docker)
  • Autonomy to perform end-to-end data processing (QC, processing, normalization)
  • Proficiency with common data analysis programming tools (R, Python) and collaborative tools such as Github or similar
  • Familiarity with high performance computing resources and linux environment (AWS cloud)
  • Good understanding of the biological context in order to provide visualizations of relevant data and interpretation of results
  • Experience in proteogenomics or cancer immunology would be a plus

Soft Skills:

  • Strong team player with excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with people, internally and externally
  • Ability to prioritize, manage time efficiently, and implement creative solutions to meet program needs and deadlines without compromising quality and accuracy
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively on multiple projects in parallel.
  • Proactive, intellectually curious and showing initiative to develop novel approaches to scientific problems


  • To be part of a cutting-edge scientific environment in constant development 
  • To participate in projects with impact on patient health
  • To be part of a company that takes human values at heart


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Date limite : 30 novembre 2023


Benjamin Sadacca


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