Postdoc/ ingenieur-e en bioinformatique

 CDD · Postdoc  · 18 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   iBV - Université Cote d'Azur · Nice (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 novembre 2023


single nucleui multiomics analysis, ChIP-Seq, data integration, atlas, lineage, differentiation, stem cells


We invite applications for a postdoc/engineer position to join an internationally recognized research group at the iBV, a research centre of excellence at the University Cote d’Azur (Nice, France).

Adrenals are central hormone producing organs that control key parameters of body homeostasis. Organ maintenance is ensured through stem cell populations that reside in, or close to the adrenal capsule. Interestingly, stem cell behaviour and diseases of the adrenal are highly impacted by sex hormones. We have performed a range of single cell RNA-Seq, multiomic and ChIP-seq experiments at different time points during development and in adults. Aim of this project is to perform an in-depth analysis of these data in silico to reveal cell populations and lineages and determine molecular factors driving progenitor cell maintenance, recruitment and differentiation.

We are looking for a highly motivated bioinformatician, who has achieved academic excellence and is interested in a challenging but highly rewarding research project in stem cell biology. We can offer state of the art equipment and a vibrant research environment with active national and international collaborations. The position will be initially for a period of 18 months.

For further information of the Schedl research group please visit our web site ( To apply, please send an e-mail including your CV, a letter of motivation and names of referees to



Procédure : Please send an email with your letter of motivation, your CV and the name of 3 referees to:

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Andreas Schedl

Offre publiée le 26 septembre 2023, affichage jusqu'au 25 novembre 2023